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Classification Content
Operation of credit exchange

    Credit exchange is conducted in accordance with Article 14-2 of the Enforcement Decree of the Higher Education Act.

    Expected subjects will be announced before the start of each semester in March, and canceled courses will be announced 2 months before the start of courses

    For registration, students use their own university's registration system

    Course is cannceled if there are less than 50 registered students in total

    Credits earned after taking courses are added to graduation credits by the partner university

Lesson progress and

    Academic schedule is classifed as regular semesters (1st semester, 2nd semester) and seasonal semesters (summer, winter)

    Learning time for each week is from 00:00 (midnight), at the day of course, to 24:00, after one week.

    Grades are evaluated by the partner university, and the distribution and application of each mark type is on the hands of the professor in charge

Content management

    The Young Committee conducts a content review evaluation three years after the production date of content

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